Treasure Hunt – Michael J. Silverstein


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Treasure Hunt – Michael J. Silverstein


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Treasure Hunt

Michael J. Silverstein

Inside the Mind of the New Consumer

Michael J. Silverstein. Coauthor of the BusinessWeek Bestseller Trading Up WITH John Butman.



«Anyone who has passed a Dunkin’ Donuts to duck into a Starbucks recognizes the phenomenon. For brands that have smartly positioned themselves, from Victoria’s Secret to Williams-Sonoma, trading up is paying off.»
Robert Weisman, The Boston Globe

«A construction worker spends $3,000 for a set of Callaway golf clubs. An executive drives a BMW but buys household staples at Costco. Why?.That’s the question driving Trading Up by Michael J. Silverstein and Neil Fiske… Its examples are fascinating.»
-Lyn Millner, USA Today

«Trading Up is far more than a dissection of a single consumer trend. It is packed With insights on how shoppers think and behave. I found it incredibly smart and illuminating.»
-David Brooks, author of Bobos in Paradise

«Are you average? No one pays attention to average anymore. Average is invis-ible, doomed to failure. Trading Up makes the persuasive case that the easiest, most profitable way to change a market and win big is to go for the top.»
-Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside!

«Trading Up argues that selling upscale products in high volume and at a great markup—is the best strategy for growth today.»
– Inc.

«The book … is an upbeat survey of a range of consumer brands—Whirlpool, Belvedere, Williams-Sonoma-which, the autors argue, are, successful because they appeal not just to the material needs of consumers but to their emotional desires.»
-Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker

«Trading Up helps to explain an important trend and is interesting reading as a sociological study as well as business strategy. The authors present their model clearly at the outset and then drive home the message with engrossing chapters describing the leaders in this field and how they got there.»
-Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail

«The best book on high disruption’ is Trading Up by Michael Silverstein and Neil Fiske.»
-Rich Karlgaard, Forbes

«Insightful, anchored in reality, pointing management toward opportunities for profitable top line growth.»
-Ram Charan, coauthor of Execution

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